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John D. Treat

John D. Treat

Director of Development: Honors College

(HNRC)-Honors College

(HNRC)-Honors College

Phone: 501-575-6775

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John received a B.A. from Lyon College in 1991 and an M.Div. with a concentration in religion and public policy from Harvard University in 1994. He then spent 14 years working in human rights and international development and three years in a Cistercian monastery, where the day’s activities ranged from chanting in Latin to driving a tractor. At the U of A, he studied nineteenth-century American cultural, religious, and political history with Dr. Beth Barton Schweiger, completing his Ph.D. with a dissertation titled “Initiating Race:  Fraternal Organizations, Racial Identity, and Public Discourse in American Culture, 1865-1917.” He now serves as director of development for the University of Arkansas Honors College.

Secret societies and their impact on American culture and political life, the formation of racial identity from the Civil War to World War I, American religious history, medieval Christianity.

U.S. history, history of Christianity

U.S. History to 1877

U.S. History since 1877

History of Christianity

University Perspectives

B.A., Lyon College

M.Div., Harvard University

Ph.D., University of Arkansas