Gift Administration

Gift Administration provides support for the University of Arkansas fundraising efforts by processing all charitable contributions and pledges made to the University of Arkansas in a timely and efficient manner.

If you have any questions, please call Gift Administration at 479-575-5507 or fax 479-575-4881.

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Entity Record Changes

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Mission Statement:

By accurately processing private donations, we foster the spirit of philanthropic giving while ensuring, securing and building upon the trust of the university family.

Vision Statement:

To be the leading force of philanthropic gift processing in regard to...
Efficiency:  Focusing our resources to accurately achieve our goals.
Sustainability:  Performing our tasks in an environmentally friendly manner.
Innovation:  Utilizing available resources to adapt our processes and structure to the changing needs of the university.

Core Values:

Integrity - "Be true to ourselves."
Quality - "What we do, we do right."
Professionalism - "Conducting ourselves with others in mind."
Leadership - "Be the leader you want to follow."
Commitment - "Personal investment in team goals."
People - "Believing in the potential of each other."
Creativity - "Discovering innovative solutions through unique perspectives."
Customers - "Doing what is needed to exceed expectations."